Roy Gardiner

Bilateral total knee replacement history


Welcome. This page is designed as a one-page summary of my knee replacement history, as an aid to those who may be considering this surgery. This is of course only my personal experience and won't apply to everyone. A diary (much longer) is

Key milestones were: home on day 7, stopped daytime pain relief on day 16, stopped using ice at the end of week 5 and went drug-free at night as well as daytime during week 7.

Status at 2nd Feb, day 59. Drug free, not using ice machine, walking with stick (1 to 1.5 miles per day) although it's not needed for support or balance, practicing walking correctly and with long strides, to help stretch calves and hamstrings. Exercises: very soft range of movement stretches, pedalling the static bike for a few seconds, both of these several times a day. Calf and hamstring stretches for extension (leg straightening), again several times a day.


1 16th December 2011 08.00 surgery 14.45 woke in recovery.
  2Blood drainage removed 10.00 Stood up for a second only, no walking.
  3Mid-day stood up and a few steps.
  4Catheter removed. Walk to the bathroom with therapists' help.
  5Bathroom by myself using Zimmer, then graduated to elbow crutches and proper walking sequence
  6 Using only one crutch to get around in the room.  
2 9Paracetamol during the day Paracetamol and Tramadol at night.
  10Walking around house without crutches
  14Stopped using toilet seat 'riser'; stopped Tramadol because of the constipation.
3 16Stopped Paracetamol during the day; use static bike, just turning the pedals.
4 22First outing, walked about 100 yards
  25Walked outdoors 200 yards with walking stick
5 35Gave up with icing knee, no noticable effect.
  381st visit back with surgeon. Extension between 2 and 5, flexion between 120 and 125. Extension exercises recommended. Started drug free.
8 50Started daily walking programme.